Clary's DT Series is the world's first all digital UPS product line. This new, True On-Line technology, is the first of a series of technological advances that have been in the works for over two years. This new microprocessor controlled product features high efficiency (92 power factor correction, programmable output control, full communications and SNMP compatibility.


Models range from 800VA - 2,000VA.

The CT Series or, Customizable Technology, allows the user to tailor the features of the all digital Continuous Power Systems (UPS). These units will be built to order per the customer's selection input and output voltages, input and output frequency, software, bypass isolation, and many other features.

The CT Series uses the rock solid, high reliability and performance DT UPS engine. This product is a True Online UPS designed for high reliability, uncompromising performance, and is compatible with more communications software than any other power system.


Models range from 1,000VA - 2,000VA.

The unique design of the GT Series UPS allows operation virtually anywhere in the world, on any voltage and frequency combination automatically without configuration changes.


Models range from 1,000VA - 2,000VA

The M Series is specifically designed for the Health Care (Medical) Industry. These units are designed to protect laboratory instrumentation, heart pumps, and ventilators from costly power pollution and loss of power. Clary units have FDA 510K approval as part of systems sold by Cobe and Thoratec. All Clary medical units are UL 544 Listed (Medical and Dental Equipment).

Models Include:

M1145 - for Ventilator/Respirator Use

M5 - for Excimer Laser, Lasik & Microkeratome Equipment

M1000 - for Perfusion Applications