Powerware 9315

Sizes available: 500 - 750kVA

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers increased usable power capacity via optional 0.9 output power factor on the Powerware 9315 400-500 and 750 kVA
  • Serial and X-Slot Communication Card enabled
  • Provides flexible runtime options for your application
  • Delivers maximum uptime for mission-critical systems by including ProActive Service Plan free of charge for the first year following installation
  • Isolates connected equipment from all incoming power problems to provide the highest degree of protection with online, double-conversion technology
  • Maintains and monitors battery health continuously with DC Expert; dynamically updates information on battery time remaining
  • Integrates seamlessly with backup generators by using an intelligent input filter
  • Increases system reliability by minimizing points-of-failure through innovative design and reduced component count
  • Starts up with the push of a button and displays UPS status information on its monitor panel
  • Incorporates connectivity products to fit various environments and applications
  • Keeps you informed by sending notification for power and UPS events that you select
  • Provides precise output power waveform signal using intelligent controls with digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Increases system reliability and ensures perfect output power by using true pulse width modulation (PWM) to enable the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) to switch at their highest capacity
  • Eliminates system-level single point-of-failure with Powerware Hot Sync™ patented wireless paralleling technology
  • Expanded capacity through Powerware Hot Sync™ technology
  • Prioritized cooling for longer component life
  • Redundant fans for higher reliability
  • Large 80 character x 25 line LCD Display
  • Custom Switchgear solutions

Powerware 9390


Sizes available: 40 - 160kVA

Features and Benefits

Unmatched Power Performance

  • High efficiency of 94 percent reduces total cost of ownership by reducing cost of power to support protected loads
  • Low total input harmonic current distortion (THD) of less than 4.5 percent enhances compatibility with upstream power systems, especially generators
  • Input power factor of 0.99 minimizes auxiliary generator sizing requirements and provides more power to unity power factor servers
  • Output power rated at 0.9 power factor accommodates high power factor load requirements
  • Double-conversion design offers the highest protection possible

Enhanced Scalability

  • Utilizes Powerware Hot Sync™ technology to parallel for capacity and redundancy
  • Up to four (4) UPS modules can be paralleled without a tie cabinet, while a total of eight (8) modules can be paralleled (providing a total capacity of 1280 kVA) by using a tie cabinet

Best Total Battery Management

  • Extends battery life and optimizes battery recharge time via patented Advanced Battery Management® technology
  • Integrated battery management system tests and monitors battery health
  • Optional temperature-compensated charging monitors battery temperature and extends battery life
  • Variable battery buss matches battery capacity to exact customer runtime
  • Enables remote monitoring of the UPS and battery system

Flexible Installation and Serviceability

  • Reduces installation time and costs with small footprint and flexibility to install against walls, using top- or bottom-entry cabling
  • Front-panel access for all services and operation increases serviceability and reduces repair time

Powerware BladeUPS

Features and Benefits

Powerware 9355

Features and Benefits

Sizes available: 10 - 30kVA