Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS)


Surge protection devices are an effective and economical way to protect critical, microprocessor based equipment/ applications from the damaging effects of transients. Sola surge suppression products quickly divert the high-energy transients to levels that are safe for AC equipment.


STV25K DIN Rail Series


Compact and narrow design maximizes panel space.
Low clamping levels for more effective protection.
Easy access terminal screws for quick mounting and installation.
50,000 amps of surge protection.
Sinewave tracking and all mode protection provide consistent and reliable protection on all electrical paths.
Patented thermal fusing prevents MOV overheating caused by excessive current levels.

The STV25K series provides point-of-use protection, at the dedicated equipment level, against damaging transients. Ideal for installation in electronic control cabinets found in harsh industrial environments such as the factory floor or at remote locations. These devices provide 50,000 amps of surge protection, sinewave tracking, LED status indication and form “C” dry contacts. This DIN Rail series also provides protection on all electrical paths and comes with a standard ten-year product warranty. The STV25K DIN Rail series surge suppressors are UL recognized to Standard 1449, 2nd Edition.


STV25K Applications (20 Amp Max)

  • Control cabinets for industrial automation
  • Point of use industrial/service equipment
  • Remote commercial or industrial equipment
  • Instrumentation and large test equipment
  • Commercial and building automation systems


STV100K Hardwired Series


100,000 amp peak current rating provides all mode protection against severe transients.
Low clamping levels for more effective protection.
65 kAIC fault current fusing level provides safety and NEC conformance.
LED status and audible alarms.
Listed to UL 1449, 2nd Edition, UL 1283.
Compact, rugged metal NEMA 12 enclosure

Sola/Hevi-Duty’s STV100K series is a hardwired surge suppressor designed for installation at the service entrance, branch panel or a dedicated sensitive electronic load. These units feature all mode protection, LED and audible alarm status indication, sinewave tracking and form “C” dry contacts. The STV100K series also contains the highest levels of safety built into the product including thermal fusing and a fault current fusing level of 65 kAIC.


STV100K Applications

  • Distribution panels (<1200 A)
  • Branch, lighting and control panels
  • Factory automation installations
  • Dedicated industrial equipment